Friday, May 3, 2013

Get 20GB Dropbox Storage At Below $10

Do you know that the cheapest way to get more free storage at Dropbox is by paying Google (AdWords) some money and let Google do the job for you?

Before we begin, do you know that Dropbox give you extra 500MB of storage for every referral that you recommend to sign-up and install Dropbox Application? By taking advantage of this feature, we pay Google (through AdWords) to find some referrals for us.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photoshop: Automate Save As JPEG

Since I was doing lots of photo editing these few weeks, I found out that Save As JPEG in Photoshop taking too much time. At first I was trying to use the Photoshop Action to automate the Save As process, but Photoshop Action does not support Save As with the current filename. Instead, it always save on a fixed filename that you use during the Action recording.

After a quick research, I remembered that a third party freeware called AutoHotkey that could help me to automate the Save As process. The problem with the Save As process is you need to select JPEG and there is another dialog box for the JPEG Quality Settings. By using AutoHotkey, I have been able with a single click to do all this selection.

Below is my AutoHotkey Script: