Below are the list of software that I recommended. Take note that in the bracket is the license for the software.

Mozilla Firefox [Open Source]
  • Good, fast web-browser
Download: Fast, Fun, Awesome

Dropbox [Freeware Client, 2GB Online Storage Free]
  • File synchronize service. A copy of the files will be stored in their server. You can access your file from anywhere and with the client, you can seamlessly synchronize file between multiple machines.

TrueCrypt [Open Source]
  • On-the-fly encryption software. You have a choice whether to encrypt the whole disk or create a container at which the private/secret files can be stored into. If you loose your password, you can only get back your files if you keep the encryption keys.

Garmin MapSource [Free]
  • Map viewer file for Garmin Maps. This is an offline maps thus you can search routes and places without connecting to Internet.

FastStone Image Viewer [Free for Personal Use]
  • Cool photo viewer especially if you are a photographer. You can even do batch editing (resize, put text, adjust color, etc) with this software.

Rainlendar Lite [Freeware, PRO Version Commercial]
  • This great calendar has been on my desktop since more than 5 years ago. It light, simple, but do the job well.

POP Peeper [Freeware]
  • If you have multiple webmails such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc, this software will help you to check the email at interval time that you set.

DAEMON Tools Lite [Freeware, PRO Version Commercial]
  • Great software to mount and crease disk images such as CD/DVD or even virtual disk.

Defraggler [Free for Personal Use]
  • Great defrag software to ensure your hard disk always tidy.

CCleaner [Free for Personal Use]
  • This software helps to scan and remove unnecessary item in your machines with Windows system. Also, it helps to check the discrepancies in the Registry Entry.

Greenshot [Open Source]
  • Great software to capture your screen. Similar to the traditional way of pressing 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard, except that you will be able to select particular area and set whether to save or open the picture editing software directly.

MediaCoder [Freeware]

K-Lite Codec [Free Codec]
  • Play almost all types of video file (except RealMedia, it covers by Real Alternative). It comes with Media Player Classic.

Real Alternative [Free Codec]
  • Play RealMedia video. It comes with Media Player Classic.

Paint.NET [Freeware]
  • This is an image editor that is more advance that Microsoft Paint (shipped with Windows), but a bit lacking of features here and there if compared to Adobe Photoshop (of course!). But it suit me well for my engineering job, just for presentation purposes.

ImgBurn [Freeware]
  • A good alternative to the commercial CD/DVD burning software. Commercial software such as Nero is definitely good, but I often found them heavier to run. This software is free and it also light and easy to use.

Partition Wizard [Free for Personal Use, PRO Version Commercial]

UltraVNC [Freeware]
  • If you have a couple of machines but too lazy to walk around, this software can be used to remote control the machines.

VirtualBox [Open Source]

Syncback by 2BrightSparks [Freeware, PRO Version Commercial]
  • This is one of a very good backup and synchronizing software. Even the free version support a lot of functions!

HTTP File System (HFS) [Open Source]

HJSplit [Freeware]
  • This software helps to split large files into smaller files and also join them back. Very useful to upload large files to Internet (typical free storage service limits the size).

Memboost [Freeware]

ProcessExplorer [Freeware]

Notepad++ - Text editor

Siren - Batch Rename

AutoHotkey - Desktop automation

Gimp - Free 'photoshop'

Cygwin - Linux on Windows (?)

VIM - Super text editor

Wikipad - Take notes and organize them

I'll add more description from time to time.

*thanks to truemax for the contributions

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